8591 Lochside Drive, Sidney, North Saanich, British Columbia
8591 Lochside Drive, Sidney, North Saanich, British Columbia,
family home and former headquarters of Marina Welham’s
“The Amateurs Digest”.

Marina Welham, author, editor and founder of The Amateurs Digest, died in North Saanich, Sidney, in British Columbia, on Tuesday, August 30th, 2016. She was nearly 82 years old.

Marina was a writer. For decades, as many will know, Marina published in print and then online, exploring her favorite subject: “Cacti – Other Succulents – Caudex Plants”.

Marina had a small glass greenhouse on the back of the family home at 8591 Lochside Drive in North Saanich. You can see it to the right in this photo of the property taken by realtors with whom it was listed after Marina died.

Marina had friends and colleagues around the world who shared her passion, and in 1997, Marina co-authored a book with world-renowned Clive Innes, who was almost 90 himself at the time. Marina was a well respected author and expert, who will be sorely missed by everyone who knew her.

I am Marina’s daughter, Kathleen, and I don’t know anything about cactus plants, but in honor of my mother, I am working to acquire, scan, OCR and restore — or even introduce to the Internet — as much of her work as I can.

When Marina died, a public trustee took over in my absence, and sadly, being ignorant of the nature of Marina’s work, and its value, the trustee sold it all off, piecemeal, in an auction to empty the house. There are no records of any kind, decades of her cactus journals are all gone, the hard drives on which the web site was backed up were purged and sold. The web site and domain are in other hands and advertising is parked on the old domain.

I am happy to announce, however, that a couple of days ago, I found two small lots of Marina’s original cactus journals from 1994, and from 1997, for sale in eBay. I bought them! They are on the way, and when they arrive, I will scan them, and OCR them, and post the contents at this web site for the world to once again enjoy the work of Marina J. Welham in the field she loved. There are hundreds of pages, this will be a part-time job, so please bear with me.

In addition, I will eventually post a page to develop a bibliography of Marina’s work, because there are no records of any kind, no ISSN’s, no ISBN’s. So, as titles come to light, they will be added. Please help me to build Marina’s Archive, by recommending titles, and in particular, by sharing publications of hers that you may have. If they are in print and you can scan them, please upload your scans in a zip file with a note to tell me who you are, and I will eventually OCR them and post them here.

Thank you. And welcome back to Marina Welham’s “The Amateurs Digest”, now an Archive.

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