Check out the Gallery, Tons of New Pictures

Triumphantly, I have just rescued quite a lot of photos from The Amateur’s Digest that are scattered in the Wayback Machine.

Marina’s original web pages are a standard menu to which articles and pictures of plants were added over time. When the Wayback Machine takes a snapshot of a web site, it usually doesn’t copy the whole thing.

So, in order to find missing photos in The Amateurs’ Digest site, I have to scroll year by year and month by month through each standard menu page in the Wayback Machine in search of versions of each page where the Wayback captured images it missed in other snapshots.

Tonight, I found a lot of “missing” pictures. Very happy. I’ve also moved all the gallery pics onto one continuous page. Check out the Gallery now.

Thanks for visiting. I’m Kathleen, Marina’s daughter, and I don’t know anything about cactus plants, I’m just the web girl.

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