I’ve Started A Top-Menu Tab Called “Articles Revived” And I’ve Put Up A Few Items

I love the cute sub-tabs, but I think I’ll eventually have to move these titles onto a single page, under the main tab, for easier access. I’m also not dating them, except where a date or a partial date appears in the text of the article. I can’t easily tell the date when they were published originally, because the Wayback Machine copies these pages on dates of its own.

So far, the following articles from Marina Welham’s The Amateurs’ Digest have been revived:

Marina’s Original Welcome Page to The Amateurs’ Digest

Suitability of Various pH Values for Plants

The New Plant

How Dangerous are Euphorbias?

Please Help Me Save My Grandma’s Jade

To Water or not to Water – That is Always the Question and … Major Requirements for Succulent Plants

How to Send Succulent Plants by Mail ― What To Do When You Receive Plants From Others ― and Moving Your Entire Collection

Crests and Monstrose Plants Are My Passion

Notes on Growing Welwitschia mirabilis (Hook.E) From Seed

Tips And Tricks For Growing Succulents

―  Thanks for visiting. I’m Kathleen, Marina’s daughter, and I don’t know anything about cacti or succulent plants. I’m just the web host. Have a great day!

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