What’s New This Week?

Hello, everyone.  I’m back, and I’ve managed to rescue two nice articles with pics from The Wayback Machine for the “Articles Revived” page on the top menu:

1. Dream Garden Comes True by Steve Miles of Colorado, and
2. Adam’s Very Hardy Needle by Doug Rowland, UK

And, totally cool, I have discovered that we can have round thumbnails in WordPress galleries!  They work like regular thumbnails, just click on a round picture and the gallery slideshow will launch.

A new tab has been added on the top menu, far-right, “Questions & Answers” with the first drop-down dated April 9, 2001.

I’ve gone back to the old logo but added a new flower to it from one of Marina’s own plants from the hothouse window on their breakfast room.  Moved the sticky post of Marina with BB, her parrot to the sidebar with a link to that post on the photo of Marina and her bird.

Have yourself a great day.  Thank you for visiting.

I’m Kathleen, Marina’s daughter.

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