A Celebration Of Succulents By Amateur Hobbyists On CD-Rom

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By Amateur Hobbyists
On CD-Rom


50 pages of articles with photos PLUS 1750 color photographs of cacti, other succulents, caudiciforms & collectibles. 215+ genera, 1100+ species, subspecific taxa & hybrids. BIG selection of Caudiciforms & Other Collectibles: 75+ genera, 300+ species and around 250 photos of 25 genera of cold hardy species, hybrids and varieties including many plants never before published.

A major collection of photographs of plants grown by amateur hobbyists who provide valuable growing tips and other plant information with many of their photos.

For variety we have included a few photos by hobbyists of plants in private collections and gardens and botanical gardens.

New Articles:

·       The Name Game

·       The Cactus Family

·       Culture and Growth of Euphorbias

·       Orchid Cacti (all aspects of care)

·       Getting Started with Cold Hardy Plants including Hardy C&S; by Zone and USA Hardiness Zones

·       Plus: Reprint (requested by many) of Bonsai-Saikei
and Succulents.

·       Succulents From Scratch: The Basics for Newcomers with tips and advice for problem solving.

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This produce is not currently for sale. It’s not traceable anywhere on the Internet, or in Canada’s National Library and Archives.

Call this a “heritage ad”. It’s an old advertisement by The Amateurs’ Digest for a CD-Rom product. The ad is reproduced here for historical and bibliographic reasons, and also to ask Marina’s old readers who purchased this CD-Rom and/or others, to please get in touch: The Amateurs’ Digest Archive would like to have a copy. Just hit the Contact tab and let us know. Thank you.