Marina’s Original Welcome Page to The Amateurs’ Digest

Here is the text from Marina’s original Welcome page to The Amateurs’ Digest.


The Hobbyist’s First Choice
for how-to-grow information on
Cacti, Other Succulents and Caudiciforms

WELCOME TO…. the fascinating hobby of collecting and growing succulent plants.

We hope you enjoy the information provided on this web site and that you will want to add to that enjoyment by subscribing to our Digest which is uniquely written by and for amateur hobbyists world wide. We share with each other a wealth of information in every issue including many photos of plants we grow and the experiences we have growing them.

Our focus is to provide information on how to grow cacti and other succulents. The information we have shared on caudiciforms alone, and now available in separate Caudex booklets, is invaluable to those seeking more information on that specialized subject.

If you go to the section on this site offering an indexing of past and present volumes, you will see we cover an astounding variety of subjects in our issues and all this is written in a friendly, easy to read manner.

We publish six issues a year bi-monthly and an optional Special Edition for those who want an extra issue, giving you up to 300 pages of information annually.

We’d love to have you join us. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

“When you fall in love with succulents … one plant is never enough!”

ā€• Marina Welham, Editor