New!  The Amateurs’ Digest, Issue No. 6 of Volume 5 (March 1994) is now online!

The Amateurs' Digest, Issue No. 6 of Volume 5 (March 1994) is now online.
Click on the cover above to read the publication.

The Amateurs’ Digest, Issue No. 6 of Volume 5 (March 1994) is now online.  Vol. 5, Issue 6, March 1994 marks the start of year six for Marina’s print journals.

That same year, Marina published her first Caudex Booklets.  I’m therefore pleased to bring you, at the same time, the first volume of the initial two-volume set of Caudex booklets, now also online.  Look for the special Caudex Booklets menu in the sidebar to find them quickly, as they come online.

New! Marina’s very first Caudex Booklet (No. 1 of 2) is now online!

Caudex Booklet One of Two Booklets (1996)
Caudex Booklet One of Two Booklets (1996)


Caudex Booklet (Booklet No. 1 of 2)

<i>pachypodium lamerei</i> by Royce D. Wood (1974)
pachypodium lamerei by Royce D. Wood (1974)
Marina launched her specialty Caudex booklets in year six of her print publication, The Amateurs’ Digest.  The Caudex booklets are addressed to collectors of mostly Caudex plants.  Unlike TAD, that was made from printers’ plates, the Caudex booklets are photocopies of Caudex articles collected from issues of The Amateurs’ Digest to that date, then folded and saddle-stitched.

There seems to be a bit of a glitch in the ISSNs.  Marina used The Amateur’s Digest ISSN 0843-8234 to cover this first Caudex booklet, but it ought to have had its own ISSN.  We’ll see what was done with the other Caudex booklets as we go along.  I have about a dozen of them, so that’s one down, eleven left to scan.

Booklet Number One features two sketches by Royce D. Wood originally published as limited-edition prints by Singers’ Growing Things in 1975.  We can look forward to more of these wonderful botanical sketches in upcoming Caudex booklets.

This is the first Caudex booklet, and the first issue in a set of two.  Subscribe and look for Caudex booklet number 2!  Here’s what Marina had to say about the Caudex booklets when she launched them:

“This CAUDEX booklet is one of two booklets (not sold separately) which are photocopies of all pages (no advertising) contained in our Caudex section in Volume 3 (when we began featuring Caudex separately) and Volume 4.  These were put together for our many members interested mainly in caudiciform and pachycaul plants who otherwise would have to pay considerably more to purchase back issues to have access to the Caudex information we provided in earlier volumes.  Even if you have our back issues, you may want to have these combined issues which have been newly paged and indexed to give you a quick and easy reference to all Caudex plants covered from when we started the special section to the end of Volume 4.”

I’ve given the Caudex Booklets a menu of their own in the sidebar, right under our logo, so you can find them quickly.

Thanks for following The Amateurs’ Digest Archive (Marina Welham’s Archive).  I’m Kathleen, Marina’s daughter, and I don’t know anything about cactus plants.

UPDATE:  8 September 2019

I have just discovered Marina’s own presentation of her Caudex Booklet No. 1 on The Wayback Machine.  Here it is.


An Introduction by Gordon Rowley
A Bit of History by Gordon Rowley

–(earliest accounts of exotic caudiciforms)

Adenia (How to Grow, Propagate, etc.)
An Introduction by Gordon D. Rowley
Articles, Growing information and Photos:

Begoniaceae by Clive Innes
Caudiciforms – Growing

Caudiciforms – soil for
Caudiciforms, Difficult, soil for

— (3 part how to grow article covering every aspect)

Pachypodiums – Pollination, etc.


Marina has been quoted by Wikipedia

I’ve discovered that Marina’s article, “How Dangerous are Euphorbias?“, is quoted and linked around the Internet. Including at Wikipedia.  I had already put it back online here at The Amateurs’ Digest Archive, but I’ve just added the question and answer exchange at the end, along with pictures.  Hope you enjoy it.

What’s New This Week?

Hello, everyone.  I’m back, and I’ve managed to rescue two nice articles with pics from The Wayback Machine for the “Articles Revived” page on the top menu:

1. Dream Garden Comes True by Steve Miles of Colorado, and
2. Adam’s Very Hardy Needle by Doug Rowland, UK

And, totally cool, I have discovered that we can have round thumbnails in WordPress galleries!  They work like regular thumbnails, just click on a round picture and the gallery slideshow will launch.

A new tab has been added on the top menu, far-right, “Questions & Answers” with the first drop-down dated April 9, 2001.

I’ve gone back to the old logo but added a new flower to it from one of Marina’s own plants from the hothouse window on their breakfast room.  Moved the sticky post of Marina with BB, her parrot to the sidebar with a link to that post on the photo of Marina and her bird.

Have yourself a great day.  Thank you for visiting.

I’m Kathleen, Marina’s daughter.

A New Journal Issue is up!  Here it is:  Volume 6, Issue 2, July 1994.

The Amateurs' Digest, Volume 6, Issue 2, July 1994. Cover.
The Amateurs’ Digest, Volume 6, Issue 2, July 1994. Cover.
Click on the cover to read the issue!

Marina and Roy Welham of The Amateurs’ Digest

There’s a cartoon at page 9 of this issue with the article, “Dual Speakers:  A Dual Solution” by Calvin J. Eichler.  The two people shaking hands are the spitting image of Roy and Marina, God knows where they found this cartoon, but it’s a real hoot, if you knew them. If you never met them, now you know.

By the way, if you need to OCR scans of documents, this is a great online free tool. I’m using it for The Amateurs’ Digest: